1. A team can have between 1 to 4 members. You can sign up as a team or start/join one on the spot. Note that at least one team member must be present throughout the competition.
  2. Flying solo is also an option, although hackathons are more fun when you work together!
  3. Hacks will be ranked on technical difficulty, creativity, polish & general impressiveness.
  4. After the 24 hour development period, a panel of judges will choose the teams through Devpost submissions to present their hacks to everyone.
  5. Build something new and crazy that you are passionate about; iNTUition has no theme!
  6. Note that you cannot recycle old projects or start developing your hack beforehand, however, you may use parts of projects you've built before.
  7. Bring your Matriculation Card/Student ID for admission and your laptop/hardware for hacking.